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World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD): Theme, History, Significance.

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is observed on 10 September every year to raise awareness to prevent cases of suicide. This day is organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). And this day is co-sponsored by WHO. Someone, somewhere, commits suicide every 18 minutes.

Suicide is the self-inflicted death people commit to ending their lives and escaping reality. Suicide is the cause of death for a wide range of illnesses like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, among others. It is difficult always to comprehend the reason why a person commits suicide. It is because self-preservation is the strongest instinct of all living beings. We are obliged to know why others consider ending their life.

Depression is an illness that pushes a person to commit self-harm or even commit suicide. It is one of the major reason to commit suicide by youngsters.

Mental health needs to be taken care so far. People who seems smiling, enjoying, jolly nature, doesn’t means that the mental state of that particular person is OK! No, this person maybe suffering inside and the pain he or she is going through is unmeasurable.

Communication, in this busy life we forget to communicate with our loved ones. Lack of the conversations lead to loneliness which left people alone. Even the study has proven that talking and sharing is the key to overcome your tensions and anxiety.

We are fortunate today to have effective ways to treat the psychiatric illnesses most commonly associated with suicide: a range of antidepressant medications, psychotherapy, drugs to treat anxiety and many more.

“Kal Ho Na Ho” You never know to whom you are meeting for the last time. So, take your time out form the busy world, take care of them, talk to your loved ones and ask them how is it going? Just try to be Kind to the people.

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