Why is the US military talking to Taliban many times throughout the day, is there any strategy or pressure?

What is going to happen in Afghanistan? On the one hand, the Taliban has threatened the forces of all NATO countries, including the US, to leave the country by August 31 or face the consequences. On the other hand, countries like Britain and Australia have demanded from America to extend this deadline for some time. In fact, countries like Britain and Australia say that until people are safely evacuated, the presence of forces should remain. Meanwhile, the US military is talking to the Taliban several times a day.
Pentagon press secretary John Kirby says US military officials are talking to the Taliban several times a day to help evacuate people. Kirby said that the operation to evacuate people from Kabul airport is also being discussed with the Taliban. Apart from this, he said about the deadline given by the Taliban till 31 August that we have seen that statement. However, he refused to elaborate further than this. Meanwhile, UK PM Boris Johnson has spoken to US President Joe Biden and asked to keep troops in Afghanistan for some time after August 31.

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