“We are working to ensure everyone’s benefit” Press Secretary Jen Psaki in his yesterday’s press briefing.

Yesterday press secretary Jen Psaki did a press briefing on the matter of vaccination. she shared the detailed reports of people who got vaccinated with some figures.

According to her briefing, Aug 27th has the highest single-day total shots since July 3rd. She also stated that “So far in August, we have gotten 12.5 million first shots into arms — that’s already 2 million more first shots than in all of July with several days still left to go to add to that total.”

Along with this she also gives a detailed report on govt. various programs to help the pandemic-affected people. He explained the whole plan with figures from the govt. In responding to multiple questions on such topics Ms. Psaki talked about govt plans for the last year’s disaster Katrina’s affected people along with the support to the frontline workers. She also explained the DHS plan to help them on this matter.

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