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Uttarakhand: There was a sudden influx in Kempty Falls, tourists narrowly escaped due to flowing, accident averted:

The tourists who were having fun at the famous Kempty Falls of Mussoorie were not aware of the heavy rain in the mountains. Had the police not shown promptness, hundreds of lives would have been made.
It has rained devastation in the mountains of Uttarakhand, but its sound is now visible to the relatively low or plains areas. In Mussoorie, the lives of hundreds of tourists were saved on the spot and a major accident was averted when the velocity of the water in the waterfall became frightening, moments after the tourists were rescued. The sudden flow of water in Mussoorie’s famous tourist destination Kempty Falls became so catastrophic that if there was a mistake of a few minutes, about 200 lives could have become a disaster.

About 200 tourists were enjoying bath and fun in the waterfall and lake at Kempty Falls. That’s when this incident happened. According to the report in the media, the local police had already got an idea or information that the flow in the waterfall was going to increase. Tourists completely unaware of the flood-like flow had no idea. A video has also been released along with the news, in which the shocking flow of water is seen. Although it has not been confirmed that this video is related to this incident.
The tourists were rescued safely
On the initiative of the local police, the entire team reached the force to save the tourists who were bathing in Kempty Falls. According to the news, the police station chief, Navin Chandra Jural got information about the increasing velocity of the water, after which he reached to alert the tourists and take them away from the fall to a safe place. Tourists bathing in the lake and other people nearby were also sent to safer places and after a few moments, the water in the waterfall appeared in the form of doom.

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