Uttarakhand: No record of buses running unabated, secretary’s mercury rises; reprimanded the officers:

In Uttarakhand, the effect of Transport Minister Yashpal Arya’s displeasure over the roadways buses of other states running unabated without paying tax was seen on Friday. Dr. Neeraj Khairwal, Managing Director of Roadways including Ranjit Sinha, suddenly reached ISBT on Friday. When there was no record in respect of roadways buses of other states, the secretary’s mercury rose and reprimanded the officials. Not only this, the Secretary expressed displeasure over the operation of Daggamar buses from outside the ISBT and directed the enforcement teams to take action.
After the deteriorating economic condition of the roadways, the government is reviewing the works of the transport department and roadways for the last two months. In this sequence, Transport Secretary Sinha had raided the RTO office on July 22 and summoned the record of tax collection. At the same time, it was revealed that the Transport Department and Roadways officials were not aware of the roadways buses coming from other states. Due to this, the government is suffering an annual loss of crores of rupees.
There is a record of only 37 buses coming from outside the state in Uttarakhand, while about one and a half thousand buses are operating here daily. When the Transport Minister talked about taking the matter before the Chief Minister and convening a high-level meeting, there was a stir among the officials. In this sequence, at around 12 noon on Friday, the Secretary Transport and Roadways Managing Director suddenly reached ISBT. On information, other officials of the Transport Department and Roadways also reached there.
Seeing the buses of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal, including Uttar Pradesh, the Secretary asked the officials how many buses are coming here every day, then the officials told that from July 25, the record of buses from outside states coming to Dehradun is being made. . By stopping all the buses at the checkposts of ISBT and Transport Department, their depot and number are being noted. This data will be matched with the number and frequency of buses fixed in the transport agreement.

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