Uttarakhand Heliports: 13 heliports will be built in Uttarakhand with 100 crores, the central government has given financial approval for the construction of the heliport:

Uttarakhand Heliports The central government will give financial assistance of about Rs 100 crore to prepare a heliport in Uttarakhand. The Center has earmarked a budget of Rs 7-8 crore for each heliport identified under the regional connectivity scheme. Heliports are to be built at 13 places in the state. These are being started from Gauchar in Chamoli district and Chinyalisaur in Uttarkashi district.

The central government has decided to build heliports at 13 places under the regional connectivity scheme in the state. These include Sahasradhara (Dehradun), Gauchar, Chinyalisaur, New Tehri, Srinagar, Nainital, Almora, Haldwani, Joshimath, Haridwar, Dharchula, Ramnagar and Mussoorie.
These places have helipads but no heliports. Heliports are bigger than helipads. These can also be called mini airports. It has space to park more than one helicopter and also has a lounge for passengers. Only Sahasradhara in the state is close to this eligibility, but it also does not have the status of a heliport. The central government intends to finalize heliports at about five places in the state by the end of this year.

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