Uttarakhand: Chardham Yatra stalled due to Kovid-19 epidemic, but election tours started:

Government is unable to take a decision to start Chardham Yatra:
Businessmen associated with Chardham Yatra are pressurizing to start the Yatra. But the government is not able to take a decision to start the Chardham Yatra. The main reason for this is the risk of corona infection. Of course, the rate of corona infection in the state has come down considerably now, but the danger is not completely averted. Therefore, the beginning of Chardham Yatra is not visible yet.
Political parties do not seem ready to stop election tours
On the other hand, under the pressure of the assembly elections to be held in 2022, political parties are not ready to stop their election tours. On Friday, Congress will start Parivartan Yatra from Khatima, then BJP’s Jan Ashirwad rally will come out in Srinagar Garhwal. Compliance with the COVID protocol is a major challenge in these election trips and rallies. How the BJP workers followed the covid protocol in the first phase of Jan Ashirwad Yatra is not hidden from anyone. Now the party will hold its second rally in Srinagar Garhwal on Friday and then in Almora on September 6.

A large number of workers are expected to gather in these rallies. It is not easy to get appropriate behavior in this crowd according to the Kovid guidelines. Congress will start Parivartan Yatra from Khatima on Friday. This yatra will take place across the state. Wherever the Yatra will go, there will be meetings, in which a large number of workers will gather.
‘We are very aware of the Kovid protocol’
There will be an election rally, not an election tour of the BJP. We are very conscious about the covid protocol. Party workers are fully aware of social distancing and use of masks.

  • Madan Kaushik, State President, BJP

The party is going to start Parivartan Yatra from Shaheed Sthal in Khatima, in which a public awareness campaign will be launched against the practices of BJP.

  • Pritam Singh, Leader of the Opposition, Congress

The creativity that political parties were supposed to show has not been seen. It is the responsibility of the top leaders of political parties to follow the Kovid protocol in political programs. They should choose such alternatives of campaigning instead of traditional methods of campaigning, which can help in maintaining the Kovid protocol.
Anoop Nautiyal, Social Activist
BJP and Congress leaders marched
All the prominent leaders including Congress State President Ganesh Godiyal, Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh have traveled for Khatima to join the Parivartan Yatra. Similarly, BJP ministers, MLAs and party officials have also left for Srinagar to participate in the Jan Ashirwad rally in Garhwal, Srinagar. Regional MLA, Cabinet Minister Dr. Dhansingh Rawat has reached the first place and has started making arrangements for the programme. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and State President Madan Kaushik will also attend the rally.

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