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Ultrasound Facility: Now there will be no problem of ultrasound in Premnagar Hospital, know the reason:

Ultrasound Facility: Pregnant and other patients coming to Sub District Hospital Premnagar will no longer have to bear the problem of ultrasound. The hospital has got a permanent radiologist after a long time. Till now the system was running on ‘credit’. Due to which ultrasounds were being done only two days a week.

In Sub District Hospital Premnagar, a large number of patients come for treatment not only from the surrounding area but also from Pachhwadoon, but sometimes they have to face problems due to lack of doctors and other resources. Alam is that there was no radiologist in the hospital for a long time. In view of the problems being faced by the patients, alternative arrangements were made, but even these arrangements were proving to be insufficient.
The radiologist of Raipur hospital was on duty here two days a week. Due to ultrasound for only two days, pregnant and other patients had to face a lot of problems. There was a long waiting for ultrasound and for this reason many people were forced to get tested outside private labs by paying more charges. But now the government has transferred radiologist Dr. Shiv Mohan Shukla from Pauri to Sub District Hospital Premnagar. The CMS of the hospital, Dr. US Kandwal, says that getting a permanent radiologist will help the patients. He told that new radiologists will join soon. Due to this, the patients will not have to face the same problem as before.

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