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U.S. forces are in high alert, Kabul airport bombing by ISIS-K.

Kabul: Aug 27. U.S forces helping with the evacuation of Afghans civilians and foreign nationals are under way. Nearly 100,000 peoples are evacuated in 12 days.

               In an attempt to disrupt the evacuation, the Islamic State attacked the Kabul airport. Two ISIS suicide bomber exploded themselves killing 85 people including 13 U.S. soldiers guarding the airport. After the blasts gunfire rocked the area outside the airport on Thursday evening. Said a witnesses.

                    In a statement, The U.S. military said “13 of its service members were killed and 18 wounded in what it described as a complex attack.”

              A Taliban official said that “the toll of Afghans killed had risen to 72, including 28 Taliban members”

                    In a news briefing at the Pentagon, U.S, General Frank McKensie the head of U.S. Central Command said, that “despite the continued threats, Evacuations from Afghanistan will continue.” Also adding that “U.S. forces would go after the perpetrators of Thursday’s attack”

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