Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise’s car stolen in broad daylight, actors busy shooting for ‘Mission Impossible’

Hollywood star Tom Cruise has suffered heavy losses.  In fact, thousands of pounds of his belongings have been stolen.  This prized possession of the actor was kept in his bodyguard’s BMW.  Tom Cruise’s belongings were also lost due to the theft of the car.  During this, the actor was shooting for his film Mission Impossible Seven in Birmingham.

However, later the police found the car.  A source said Tom was driven around in the car in Buckingham and that some of his belongings were inside when he was driven away.  If reports are to be believed, sources say that it has since been recovered by the police as it was equipped with an electronic tracking device.  But everything inside it was gone.  This is a huge embarrassment to the security team and the man driving it was going crazy.

At the same time, a police spokesman said that we received information about a BMW X7 stolen from Church Street, Birmingham in the early hours of Tuesday.  The car was recovered a short time later in Smethwick.  The area from where the car was recovered has been questioned through CCTV.  The inquiry is still on.

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