Thirty One Companies Submit Bids for Commercial Coal Mining Auction

The auction process of 122 coal/lignite mines for sale of coal was launched by the Nominated Authority, Ministry of Coal on March 30, 2022. The last date of submission of Technical Bid was June 27, 2022 except for 10 mines (Parbatpur Central coal mine and 9 nos. lignite mines). As part of the auction process, technical Bids comprising of online and offline bid documents were opened today i.e., June 28, 2022, 10:00 am onwards at New Delhi, in the presence of the interested bidders.

The online bids were decrypted and opened electronically in the presence of the bidders. Subsequently, sealed envelopes containing offline bid documents were also opened in the presence of bidders. Entire process was displayed on the screen for the bidders.

A total of 38 bids were received under three tranches of commercial coal mine auctions. Under Fifth tranche of auctions, a total of 28 bids were received against 15 coal mines, where 2 or more bids have been received for 8 coal mines. Under 2nd Attempt of Third tranche, a total of 9 coal mines were put up for auctions and 6 bids have been received against 6 coal mines. Under 2nd Attempt of Fourth Tranche, a total of 4 coal mines were put up for auctions and 4 bids have been received against 3 coal mines. Mine-wise list of bids received is appended below:

Sl No Name of Coal Mine Tranche No of Bids
1 Bandha North 5th Tranche 2
2 Basantpur 5th Tranche 2
3 ChoritandTiliaya 5th Tranche 1
4 Dahegaon/Makardhokra-IV 5th Tranche 2
5-6 Ghogharpalli & Its Dip Extension 5th Tranche 7
7 Datima 5th Tranche 1
8 Dongeri Tal – II 5th Tranche 1
9 Jitpur 5th Tranche 3
10 Kosar Dongergaon 5th Tranche 1
11 Mandla-South 5th Tranche 1
12 MarkiMangli-IV 5th Tranche 3
13 Sitanala 5th Tranche 1
14 Sondhia 5th Tranche 1
15 Sursa 5th Tranche 2
16 Alaknanda 2nd attempt 4th Tranche 1
17-18 Rampia & Dip Side of Rampia 2nd attempt 4th Tranche 3
19 Ashok Karkatta Central 2nd attempt 3rd Tranche 1
20 Barra 2nd attempt 3rd Tranche 1
21 Kasta (East) 2nd attempt 3rd Tranche 1
22 Koyagudem Block – III 2nd attempt 3rd Tranche 1
23 Maiki North 2nd attempt 3rd Tranche 1
24 Marki Barka 2nd attempt 3rd Tranche 1
Total Bids 38


A total of 31 companies have submitted their bids (both online and offline) in the auction process as per the following list:

Sr. No Name of the Bidder No of Bids Submitted
Auro Coal Private Limited 1
Avassa Ferro Alloys Private Limited 1
Bharat Aluminium Company Limited 1
Birla Corporation Limited 1
Cavill Mining Private Limited 2
Esskay Concast & Minerals Private Limited 1
Gangaramchak Mining Private Limited 1
Godavari Power & Ispat Limited 2
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited 1
Jhar Mineral Resources Private Limited 2
Jindal Power Limited 1
Jitusol Developers Private Limited 1
JMS Mining Private Limited 1
JSW Steel Limited 3
KJS Cement (I) Limited 1
Krishery Private Limited 1
Madhya Bharat Minerals Private Limited 2
Maiki South Mining Private Limited 1
Moonpie Metaliks Private Limited 1
Nagpur Business Forms Private Limited 1
NLC India Limited 2
Om Sai Ram Steels and Alloys Private Limited 1
RCCPL Private Limited 1
Rungta Metals Private Limited 1
Rungta Sons Private Limited 1
Shyam Sel & Power Limited 1
Sobhagya Mercantile Limited 1
Terri Mining Private Limited 1
Throns Infrastructure Private Limited 1
Vedanta Limited 1
YJSL Minerals and Logistics Private Limited 1
Total Bids 38


The bids will be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary Technical Evaluation Committee and Technically Qualified Bidders would be shortlisted for participation in the electronic auction.

Post opening of the Technical Bids, Additional Secretary & Nominated Authority (AS&NA), Ministry of Coal opened the forum for discussion and invited suggestions from the bidders to make the commercial coal mine auctions more attractive for the industry. Few suggestions received from the bidders were deliberated by AS&NA, Ministry of Coal who assured to explore the possibilities to implement the suggestions in the upcoming rounds of auction.

Auction Tranche & Attempt details are as follows:

  1. (15th Tranche of Auction under the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act, 2015)

(5th Tranche of Auction under the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957)


  1. (Second Attempt 14th Tranche of Auction under the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act, 2015)

(Second Attempt 4th Tranche of Auction under the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957)


  1. (Second Attempt 13th Tranche of Auction under the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act, 2015)

(Second Attempt 3rd Tranche of Auction under the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957)

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