Dehradun Uttarakhand

Thieves entered a house through the roof in Nehru Colony, Dehradun, stealing jewelery worth lakhs:

Thieves who entered from the terrace of a house in Dehradun’s Nehru Colony stole gold and silver ornaments and cash kept in the room. Nehru Colony police station has registered a case against unknown person. Complainant Arun Kumar Gupta told that on the morning of September 13, his dog was barking. When his wife woke up from this, she saw that the adjacent room was open and the light was on. When his wife reached the room, the cupboard was found open. Goods were scattered. Arun Kumar told that the thieves took 70 thousand rupees, one kg of silver, anklets, gold bracelet, ring, chain, earring, from the house. Information about this was given on number 100. The police reached the spot, but the thieves could not be found. The thieves had entered the house through the roof. People living in the neighborhood told that a broken box was lying in their field.
Six accused duped a person of three lakh 20 thousand rupees in the name of getting a job abroad. Nehru Colony police station has registered a case against the accused. The complainant Mukesh Dhasmana resident Rajiv Nagar told that he had spoken to a Chandigarh-based consultancy company regarding the job abroad. The accused Shreya, Dilpreet, Bhani, Priyanka, Gurpreet and Harpreet called them to Chandigarh for medical on 16 March 2019. On March 28, the accused took three lakh 20 thousand rupees from them in the name of offer letter and work permit. Even after paying the amount, the accused did not give visa and tickets. When he asked for the money back, he started hesitating.

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