The flight to Dehradun went to Delhi:

Passengers traveling by air are facing a lot of unusual trouble these days.

On Wednesday, the flight from Prayagraj Airport to Dehradun went to Delhi. Passengers were told that this happened due to bad weather.

Upon reaching Delhi, the passengers had to wander for the flight to Dehradun. On the other hand, the flight from Prayagraj airport to Raipur was delayed by about four hours on Wednesday. This also caused trouble for the people’s.

At around 11:26 am from Prayagraj airport, private airline Indigo’s plane took off for Dehradun. However, the flight went to Delhi airport. Officials told the passengers that this happened due to bad weather. Passengers had to catch a flight to Dehradun from Delhi airport. In return, this flight reached Prayagraj airport at around 7.30 pm.

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