Dehradun Uttarakhand

The contractor built the house with substandard material, cracks lying in a few days, threatened on the matter of repair; court case:

In Nehru Colony area, a contractor built a house with substandard construction material. When the building owner started living there with the family, within a few days cracks appeared on the walls and roof of the house. Not only this, when the building owner asked the contractor to repair the house, he threatened to kill him by abusing him. In this case, the police have registered a case against the accused contractor.
Himanshu Kumar, a resident of Badrish Colony, gave a complaint at the Nehru Colony police station and told that he had given a contract of Rs 70 lakh to Dinesh Chaturvedi to build a house in 2017. The accused built and gave the house in July 2018. The victim told that after a few days of entering the house, the roof of the house started leaking when it rained.
When this information was given to the contractor, the contractor brought two workers with him and went away after shaving on the roof. Soon after, the walls of the house started cracking from place to place. Sand started falling from the walls and cracks appeared on the lantern. Despite complaining in 2019, the contractor did not get the house repaired. Told that the contractor used substandard electrical wires in addition to substandard materials in the house.

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