Advancement of technology

Today, technology is now a very essential part of the day to day life for each and every one. Technology has gone a very long way in making life more easy and advantageous for us. We can say, technology is handy these days and in our finger tips as our most of the work is done by mobile phones, tabs, smart watches etc.

From the Invention of new things and to reaching to the moon and space, the advancement of technology made this possible. All the gadgets, equipment’s, Robots, mobile’s etc. has helped us make progress.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the great example of the advancement of technology. It is an machine capable of behaving like us. It can also perform some activities like us, problem solving, planning, and learning. It is used in major areas like welfare, healthcare and communication.

Without the help of technically, our lives not have been simpler and faster.

Internet is one of the link which connect one another. It has made our life easier and smoother. From sending an email to having bank account on our fingertips, internet plays a vital role.

Technology is the result of human inventiveness. Online classes, exam’s, colleges, schools, even jobs all are being conducted through the technology these days. As this COVID-19 time has given everyone a hard time, but with the help of technology the work and the studies are still on the right track. We are very thankful for it.

Technology has also bought along a variety of negative effects that we cannot overlook. Too much involvement of kids and elder on mobile phones and different application is a biggest problem of technology now days. People are like crazy for few games that they even go the bad end. Even it is effecting the health and eyes of the people too.

People have been so dependent on technology that they no more want to do any kind of physical activity. This has resulted in making humans mentally as well as physically inoperative.

Technology is surely a blessing for mankind. It is also very important for the economic growth of a country. But still, it depends on all of us to see and keep ourselves smart enough to see how we make best use of the technology available to us.

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