Taliban suffered heavy losses in retaliation: Reports

The sudden rise of the Taliban pushed Afghanistan on the backfoot. The country is going through tough times. Amidst this when many left the country to save their lives some choose to stay and fight.
One such fitting reply the resistance force under former vice president Amrullah Saleh Taliban faced recently. According to the report, the Taliban suffered some heavy casualties in this.

The resistance forces are, meanwhile, also giving the Taliban a tough fight in Panjshir province. As it is the only province not captured by the Taliban.

This retaliation took place after the terrible blast took place blasts near the Kabul airport executed by the terror group ISIS. This gave the people a motive to fight back.

After the attacks, Saleh asked the world to unite against terrorism. “The world must not bow to terrorism. Let’s not allow Kabul airport to be the site for humiliation of humanity & “rules based world order”. Let’s believe in our collective effort and energy. Defeatist psyche puts you under risk more than terrorists. Don’t die psychologically,” he tweeted.

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