Surrender wrong card, action will be taken if caught:

The District Supply Office has spoke to individuals that whoever has some unacceptable cards made, they ought to quickly give up them. The workplace is before long going to run a mission for the confirmation of the cards. On the off chance that the card is observed to not be right, legitimate move will be made. Prior additionally the division had made a comparable allure, after which around 600 cards were given up in the locale.

There are around four and a half lakh proportion cards in the area. Out of this, 2 lakh 10,000 is NSFA (white card), 15 thousand pink card and rest is APL card. Area Supply Officer Jaswant Singh Kandari said that the District Supply Office is continually getting objections that many individuals have NSFA (white cards) made despite the fact that they are not qualified. In such a circumstance, presently the District Supply Office is allowing such individuals an opportunity to give up the card.

The issue in making proportion card ought to be taken out: Rajkumar

Dehradun. Rajkumar, previous MLA and leader of Congress Scheduled Castes, said that at present individuals are confronting a great difficult situation in making apportion cards. Conversing with the District Supply Officer, he quickly eliminated the issues being looked by the general population and requested to proceed with the arrangement of making apportion cards as in the past. He said that because of the online cycle, it is setting aside a ton of effort to make new proportion cards. The justification this is the requirement for another record for the apportion card. Simultaneously, he raised the interest for giving proportion by showing up godowns and assisting the speed of making apportion cards. Inability to do as such, he has cautioned of a protest exhibit.

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