Supreme Court Judge Applauds Chief Justice

Supreme Court Justice BV Nagarathna passed a statement today praising the appointment of woman judicial officers, particularly at senior levels, said can shift stereotypes, thereby changing attitudes and perceptions vis-a-vis gender roles.

Citing her possibility of heading the Indian judiciary — the first-ever woman in that position — she credited Chief Justice NV Ramana for it.

“Advancing women’s participation in the Judiciary promotes the role of gender equality in broader ways,” Justice Nagarathna asserted at a function organized by the Lady Advocates of the Supreme Court. She was there to felicitating nine newly-appointed judges, including three women.

Calling it a day of celebration and the simultaneous appointment of multiple women judges a “monumental achievement”, Justice Nagarathna sought a standing ovation for Chief Justice Ramana for his “stupendous effort” in taking before members of the Supreme Court collegium the “historic decision” of having more than one woman judge in the apex judicial body.
“Women’s visibility as judicial officers can pave the way for women’s greater representation, in others decisions, making positions, such as in legislative and executive branches of the government.” She stated in her statement.

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