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Suddhowala Jail: ‘Immunity booster’ is being prepared in Dehradun’s Suddhowala Jail, 30 species of medicinal plants have been planted:

Suddhowala Jail It is a pleasant feeling that new efforts are being made to improve the Suddhowala Jail of Dehradun. To plant the seeds of creative work especially in the minds of prisoners. In this episode, during the Corona period, efforts were made to increase immunity among prisoners and jail staff. Because, during the first wave of corona in 2020, 120 prisoners and staff corona were infected in the state during the second wave in 2021. Therefore, medicinal plants are being planted in the jails of the state to increase the immunity of the prisoners and staff.
30 species of medicinal plants have been planted on half a bigha of land in Dehradun’s Sudhowala Jail. Most of these are immunity boosters. Apart from this, Amla plants have been planted along with lemon grass in eight bighas of land. The intention behind applying lemon grass is to reap the dual benefits. While lemongrass is beneficial for health, phenyl will also be prepared from it in the gel itself.
From tea to food will be used

Jailor Pawan Kothari says that the prisoners and staff will be able to consume the medicinal plants planted in the jail in the form of morning tea, lunch and evening meal and decoction. Apart from this, yoga is being practiced in the morning and evening to increase the immunity of the prisoners. So that the prisoners and staff can be fully fit to fight Corona. Former IG AP Anshuman took this initiative.
Medicinal plants planted in Suddhowala Jail

Shami, Apamarg, Camphor, Kamini, Liquorice, Shatavari Bell, Bhringraj, Desi Akarkara, Sarpagandha, Patharpatta, Peppermint, Stevia, Jasmine, Neem, Ajwain, Curry leaves, Henna, Big basil, Harad, Bahera, Amla, Pomegranate, Night ki Rani, Garlic Bell, Mogra, Harsingar, Peepli, Chuimui and Punarnava.
masks made in prison

In view of the corona infection, some prisoners have also been trained to make masks. Jailor Pawan Kothari says that there was no need to take masks from outside during the Corona period. The prisoners have so far prepared about five thousand masks, which were distributed among the prisoners and jail staff.
Senior superintendent of Sudhowala Jail Dadhiram says that one of the advantages of cultivating medicinal plants in the jail is that the prisoners will become proficient in horticulture. The prisoners who will return home after completing their sentence will have complete knowledge of horticulture and will be able to plant medicinal plants in their homes as well.

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