Kota Factory 2 Teaser: Students’ favorite ‘Jeetu Bhaiya’ returned, this time you will be able to watch the series on Netflix

Season 2 of ‘Kota Factory’ is coming soon.  This time the series will be able to watch on Netflix.  The teaser of the second season has been released.  It depicts a batch of youngsters as they struggle to make it to the IITs.  This season will also see glimpses of the lives of Vaibhav, Balmukund and Uday.  They are all geared up to crack the entrance exam and their worries increase when they are told that their physics teacher Jitu Bhaiya (Jeetendra Kumar) is no longer attached to the centre.

jeetu bhaiya dialogue

Vaibhav is in a dilemma that why is he working so hard to get into IIT?  Does he even want this?  Jeetu Bhaiya says the inspiring dialogue in the teaser, ‘Ab Sapne Dekhoge toh tehte jayega.  One, stop using this word – Sapna, start speaking M.  Dreams are made, M is achieved.

what did the director say

The director of the series Raghav Subbu said, “As a director, I try to create stories that inspire and thrill the audience.  “Kota Factory 2” depicts the journey of the students and the struggles they face in their everyday lives, which feels real.  Excited to share content with Netflix viewers.”

When will it be streaming

Apart from Jitendra Kumar, the series stars Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Ehsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai and Urvi Singh.  The second season will premiere on Netflix on 24 September 2021.

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