SpiceJet freighter aircraft returns to Kolkata due to its unserviceable weather radar

SpiceJet said a freighter bound for Chongqing in China returned to Kolkata on Tuesday. The pilot noticed that the weather radar was out of order after takeoff.
This is at least the eighth incident of technical malfunction of SpiceJet aircraft in the last 18 days.
“On July 5, 2022, the SpiceJet Boeing 737 cargo plane was scheduled to fly from Kolkata to Chongqing. After takeoff, the meteorological radar did not show the weather. The PIC (Captain) decided to return to Calcutta. .. The plane landed safely in Kolkata. ”
On July 5, the airline’s Delhi-Dubai flight detoured to Karachi due to a fuel gauge error, and the Kandra-Mumbai flight preferentially landed in the capital of Maharashtra after an aerial crack in the windshield. did.
On July 2, the SpiceJet flight to Jabalpur returned to Delhi after the crew observed smoke in a cabin of approximately 5,000 feet. During takeoff on June 24th and 25th, two separate SpiceJet aircraft were forced to stop their voyage and return with a warning on the door of
On June 19, the engine of an airplane carrying 185 passengers ignited shortly after taking off from Patna Airport on its way to Delhi, and the airplane made an emergency landing a few minutes later.
The engine broke down due to a bird strike.
In another incident on June 19, the SpiceJet flight to Jabalpur had to return to Delhi due to pressure issues on board.
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