Shri Mansukh Mandaviya to Pharma Industry: Time to move from ‘Volume’ to “Value’ leadership to capture global market “Let us learn from Global Best Practices, and develop our own Models for meeting Domestic Demand while increasing Global Footprint” Govt committed to supporting Pharma Companies with Industry-Friendly policies: Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya Stakeholder Consultation to be basis for Holistic, Comprehensive, Vibrant and Long-term Policies

“Let us move from ‘Volume’ to “Value’ leadership to capture global pharmaceutical market. It is time to accumulate knowledge from global best practices in research, manufacturing and innovation and develop our own models focused on accelerating production to meet the domestic demand while increasing our global footprint”. Union Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers and Health & Family Welfare, Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya exhorted the champions and leaders of Pharmaceutical Industry at the interactive session with Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance. The objective of the meeting was to discuss India’s Pharma Vision 2047 and roadmap for the Indian pharmaceutical sector. The session discussed the current position of the pharma industry in India, key initiatives taken by the Government in the last few years and collaborative steps that will help India to realize this vision.

Reiterating Prime Minister’s vision of attaining Aatmanirbharta in all fields, Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya pushed for making the pharmaceutical sector leapfrog in its growth trajectory in the upcoming years. He said “we already have the required “man power and brand power” and Indian companies today are at an inflexion point to capture top global positions.”  India has been acknowledged as “pharmacy of the world” based on its generic medicines production and the volume share in global market. It is time to move ahead and capture the top global positions based on the value too, he stressed.

While reiterating India’s philosophy of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” he said that “we have always believed in supporting the world while also balancing our domestic demands. It is during the pandemic crisis when world looked up to India, we delivered. This has led to global appreciation of India’s strengths and we must now use this opportunity to take it to the next level of “Discover and Make in India”.

Dr Mandaviya underscored the importance of long-term policies which provide stability to the industry. Emphasising that the Government is committed to supporting the Pharma Companies with Industry-Friendly policies and investor promoting ecosystem, he said “This Government believes in taking a holistic approach. Our policies are based on extensive and comprehensive stakeholder consultation which provide the basis for comprehensive, long -term and vibrant policy ecosystem”.

Simultaneously, he added that “we need to move ahead with the Pharma Industry being at the forefront in taking lead and proposing their own models and initiatives in expanding manufacturing capacity, invest in innovative technologies and focus on research and development. The government will strengthen the sector through streamlining policies and effective schemes such as the PLI which support cutting edge research”. Apart from policy front, Dr. Mandaviya also focused on the investments in research and development, efficient manufacturing capacities along with creating ample opportunities for innovation that is the need of the hour now. He was hopeful that through these steps we will be able to create a vibrant ecosystem for this sector.

Ms S Aparna, Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals, said that the Government of India continues to work towards realizing our goals for the pharmaceutical sector, from various initiatives aligning with the industry to sustaining focus on access, innovation, quality and affordability to help achieve India Pharma Vision 2047.” She further added that they are addressing the issue of policy stability, facilitating reforms & regulatory ease to expand manufacturing and ensure quality assessments. Government is also encouraging investment in Research and Development(R&D),exports and digitalization, push to incubation of new startups and entrepreneurship initiatives. She also added that review processes are being expedited and accountability is being ensured through creation of proper channels. Focusing of these factors will help us achieve growth in pharmaceutical sector and will further build confidence in the sector.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance discussed and highlighted various issues such as policy stability, innovation, regulatory framework reforms and ease including transparency and accountability, review process at CDSCO, regular monitoring of implementation of schemes, pricing and associated control, investment in infrastructure aimed to give impetus to research in innovation, expansion of manufacturing capacity of chemical and API for boosting exports, digitalization to harness its potential in expanding knowledge sharing, use in medical education and increasing access to quality healthcare, and how to enrich “Brand India”  through investment in start-ups and collaboration with academia for tapping best manpower.

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