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Server slowed down in Doon Hospital, patients were helpless:

In the Government Doon Medical Hospital on Monday, the patient and the attendants were suffering due to the slow speed of the server. Patients had to wait a long time for making OPD forms to paying bills. Because of this many patients could not even get a checkup done by the doctor. At the same time, many patients had to return disappointed without getting pathology, radiology and other necessary tests done.

The server broke down as soon as the registration started at 8 am on Monday in the OPD of Doon Medical College Hospital. Due to this there was a problem in making the form and there was a long line of patients at the counter. The patients and relatives started a ruckus regarding this. The officials somehow tried to convince the patients. On which the patient calmed down for some time and waited for the server to recover. The server started working at around 12 noon but the speed was slow. It took five to 10 minutes to make each form. Due to this, even till 1.30 pm, there was a ruckus among the patients to make the form at the registration counter. Usually by 12.30 pm, most of the OPD pamphlets are completed. There was a lot of resentment in the patient due to the first server failure and then the slow pace. Some people left the hospital without showing the doctor, saying that the system was bad.
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While many people could not get treatment due to non-preparation of OPD prescriptions, patients also faced problems due to delay in billing due to sluggish server. Due to this too many patients returned without getting X-ray, CT scan, pathology and all other tests done. Many of these patients were compulsorily examined at private hospitals and centres.

There was a problem in the server as soon as the OPD counter opened on Monday morning. Because of this, the registration work was done manually for some time in the morning. Patients who had prescriptions that were 15 days old were also asked to show them to doctors after validating them. Later the problem was rectified and pamphlets started being made. Doctors were also instructed to leave the hospital only after seeing all the patients. Therefore, patients have been seen in the OPD till around 2:30 on Monday.
-Doctor. KC Pant, Medical Superintendent, Doon Medical Hospital

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