S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), 29 July, 2022

S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), 29 July, 2022
The Food Safety Wing of Food and Drug Administration Punjab is spearheading the awareness campaign to provide clean food products to the people of Punjab with the aim of ” only a person aware of any kind of adulteration can lead a healthy life”. The Department of Food Safety is committed to provide safe and healthy food to the public under its slogan “If it is not safe, it is not food”.
Dr. Abhinav Trikha, Commissioner Food and Drugs Administration Punjab said that many new initiatives are being taken by the department under the Mission Tandrust Punjab and along with this, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has initiated efforts to improve the quality of food and beverages. During the Year 2020-21, asurvey of Edible oils wasconducted byFSSAI, and many brands of oils were found to be sub-standard, indicating a risk of adulteration in the oils on a large scale. A freshsurvey of Edible oils is now again being undertaken in the state of Punjab from 01-08-2022 to 14-08-2022,during which each food safety officer in each district will liftat least two samples of different brands of oils being sold in different localities and markets and send them to the laboratory under surveillance. These samples can be taken from retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturing companies producing local brands and in future also a close watch will be kept on the various brands selling in the market.
Mr. Manoj Khosla, Joint Commissioner, Food Safety Punjab said that under the Food Safety Act, sale of loose oils is prohibited, and mustard oil cannot be blended in any way. After collecting all the data of oil samples reports taken during the survey, it will be sent to FSSAI after which further action will be initiated.

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