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Russia’s threat To Hit Facebook With Its Largest Fine Yet

On Tuesday, amidst all the chaos Facebook landed in another trouble.
Russia on Tuesday stepped up the pressure on Facebook, threatening to hit the company with its largest fine yet for repeatedly ignoring requests to remove banned content.

The country’s media regulator Roskomnadzor said that it had drawn up a new protocol to penalize the US social media giant for repeatedly failing “to remove information dangerous to citizens” on Facebook and Instagram.

It said the fine calls for a total of “5 to 10 percent” of Facebook’s “annual revenue” — though it is not specified whether it meant revenue earned in Russia or worldwide.

According to the Vedomosti business daily, Facebook earns tens of billions of rubles in Russia per year.

Roskomnadzor said a court will determine when to set the hearing.
As per the media regulator statement, “The exact amount of the fine will also be determined by the court.”

Russia is popular for regularly taking legal action against internet platforms for not removing content it labels illegal, such as pornographic material or posts condoning drugs and suicide.
The country has already fined Facebook 90 million rubles ($1 million) for various penalties, according to Russian news agencies, including not deleting banned content.

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