Mussoorie Uttarakhand

Raging form of Kempty Fall, nearby shops evacuated:

Due to continuous heavy rains in the surrounding areas including Mussoorie, the water level at the tourist spot Kempty Falls suddenly increased on Saturday. After this the local residents including tourists were stopped from visiting the waterfall by the police administration. Along with this, instructions were also given to vacate the shops built nearby.
A large number of tourists had arrived at Kempty Falls and were taking a bath there. But seeing the water rising after the rain, the police administration removed all the tourists safely. Kampti Police Station President Navin Chandra said that due to incessant rains, Kampti Falls has taken a formidable form, due to which tourists were stopped from going to the falls in view of safety. He said that debris stones and pieces of wood are coming with the rain, due to which tourists have been stopped from going to the falls for the time being in view of the safety.

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