Dehradun Uttarakhand

In Dehradun Suddowala jail a prisoner will become a radio jockey, soon the Good Morning Doon Jail will resonate:

Soban Singh Gusain, Dehradun. The echo of ‘Good Morning Doon Jail’ will soon be heard in Dehradun’s Suddhowala Jail. It has been started by the jail management to keep the prisoners away from depression and to promote creativity in them. These days inmates are being trained to become radio jockeys. Vartika Nanda, professor and social worker of Delhi University is giving training. For this, eight male and four female prisoners have been shortlisted. Out of these, two female and two male prisoners will be selected as radio jockeys. Prior to this, Vartika has given training of Radio Jaki to prisoners in Panipat, Faridabad and Ambala Central Jail in Haryana and Agra Jail in Uttar Pradesh.
It has been seen that after the introduction of radio, it has helped in de-stressing the prisoners in these jails. On this basis, a plan was made to start a radio in Dehradun’s Suddhowala Jail as well. Senior Superintendent Jail Dadhiram and Jailor Pawan Kumar Kothari said that speakers have been installed in all the barracks of the jail to make radio programs available to the prisoners. Prisoners trained as radio jockeys would perform morning bhajans followed by jail news. Whereas, Farmaishi songs will be broadcast throughout the day. For this, any prisoner can request his favorite song.
Radio will be in ten jails of Uttarakhand

Senior Superintendent Dadhiram said that Uttarakhand Jail Radio has been divided into three phases. It will consist of ten jails. District Jail Dehradun, District Jail Haridwar and Sub Jail Haldwani have been selected for the first phase. After the start of radio in Dehradun, work will also be started in Haridwar and Haldwani.
Radio will also benefit

The senior superintendent said that in the coming time, if any prisoner has to be taken to appear in court or to meet someone, then information will be broadcast through radio only. Apart from this, information about food, yoga and other activities conducted in the jail will also be informed through radio. The radio will continue to broadcast entertainment, debate competition and news throughout the day. But, the scope of broadcast will be only the jail premises.
sound room inside the jail

A mini sound room (studio) has been prepared inside the jail by the jail management, which is completely soundproof. The music system has been placed here. Programs will be telecast daily from this studio.

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