PUBG tightens its grip on fraudsters, 14 lakh users banned, will no longer be able to play the game:

PUBG Mobile has again banned the account of about 1.4 million users last week.  The game banned the accounts of these users for using cheating and hacks to get more advantage over other players.  In the latest anti-cheat report, PUBG Mobile said that this week there has been a 2.4 percent increase in the accounts that were banned last week.  This time also those accounts which were using the Auto-Amo hack were banned and most of these banned accounts were in the Bronze category.

According to the latest China report, in the data till April 16-22, PUBG Mobile banned a total of 1,498,738 accounts from playing the game.  This is more than last week.  This means that there is no drop in accounts that seek to profit through in-game cheating and hacks.  PUBG Mobile works on a no-cheat policy, which prohibits the use of any kind of third party hacks.  This is not only bad for all the other players but also spoils the fun of the game.  Its type it is also wrong due to cheating in the game.

PUBG Mobile further stated in the report that 39 percent of the banned accounts were from the bronze category.  In the second place was 12 percent of the diamond category.  It was followed by Silver and Crown accounts with 11 per cent each.  A total of 10 per cent of these accounts belong to the platinum category.  Then after that there were 9 per cent accounts in the gold category.  At the same time, there were 7 per cent accounts in such category.  Like every time, 1 percent of the banned accounts also belonged to the Conqueror category.

Now let us tell you why these accounts were banned.  Of these, 25 percent were found to be using the Auto-Amo hack, which was the use of third parties to aim cannons at enemies.  After that 24 percent had cheated using X-ray vision.  After that 23 percent had cheated through speed hacks.  Of these, 12 percent had used the Modification of Area Damage to cheat.  7 percent used a modification of the character model.  The remaining 9 percent of the accounts were using less hacks.

PUBG Mobile announced a new anti-cheat report via Twitter.  Here information about all those accounts was also given, which were banned.  When multiple accounts were banned from the game, many users said that their account was wrongly banned.  Many users use many third party hacks and cheats to advance in the game, which is wrong according to the rules of the game.

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