Prayagraj: After yoga guru Anand Giri, the name of a SP leader also came to the fore, police engaged in investigation:

Now the name of a SP leader is coming to the fore in the mysterious death of Akhila Bhartiya Akhara Parishad President Narendra Giri. A case of abetment to suicide has been registered against Anand Giri, the Mahant’s closest disciple. Along with this, the chief priest of Hanuman temple, Aadya Tiwari and her son Sandeep Tiwari have also been nominated. Now the name of a Samajwadi Party leader is also discussed in this matter. After the name of the SP leader is revealed, the police can now start questioning.

Let us inform that in the past, along with the Akhara Parishad President, there was a dispute with a former SP MLA Mahesh Narayan Singh regarding the land of the Math for a long time. Later it was cracked down after the intervention of big leaders. Now people are stunned after the name of the Minister of State for the status surfaced.

It is written in the suicide note that he lived his whole life with dignity.
In the suicide note found from the spot, the most important is that in it the names of Anand Giri, the closest disciple of the Mahant, Aadya Tiwari, the priest of Lete Hanuman temple and his son Sandeep Tiwari, have been written that they were hurt by their behaviour. It is written in the suicide note that he lived his whole life with dignity. There was never any stain on his forehead. But some people humiliated him by making false allegations. Due to which he is very sad. Now the biggest question is, what was the insult that hurt the Mahant so much.
Anand, Aadya or Sandeep, who was bothering for what?
After the things written in the suicide note, many questions are arising which no one has the answer to. Anand Giri, the chief priest of the Bade Hanuman temple, and his son Sandeep Tiwari are the most surrounded by these questions.

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