Now vehicle transfer will not have to be done in another state, new BH registration series has arrived

Now on shifting to the new state, you will not have to transfer the registration of your personal vehicle.  The Ministry of Road Transport (MORTH) has launched a new registration series- Bharat Series (BH Series), which simplifies the transfer of passenger vehicles between states.  Under this, vehicle owners will not need to register afresh when they move from one state to another.  That is, the new BH series will be valid across the country.

These people can take advantage of BH series:

The BH series for new vehicles will be on a voluntary basis.  The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said in a statement, “IT based solution for registration of vehicles is an effort in this direction.  Transfer from one state to another would require re-registration of vehicles, which was a very cumbersome task.” This facility will be available on a voluntary basis for defense personnel as well as central and state government employees.  Apart from this, employees of such private companies, whose offices are located in four or more states, can also take advantage of this facility.

The biggest benefit of BH series will be people with transferable jobs, who keep moving from one state to another.  This will help people avoid the process of transferring the registration certificate of their vehicle every time they move to a new state.  The registration format for BH Series will be YY BH #### XX.  The registration through YY will be done from the first year.  BH will be the code for Bharat Series.  #### will be a four digit number and XX two characters.  The ministry has issued the notification of the new series on August 26, 2021.

what will be the fee

According to the notification, at the time of registration of BH-series non-transport vehicles, a motor vehicle tax of eight percent will be levied on vehicles up to Rs 10 lakh by the states/UTs.  This tax will be 10 percent on vehicles of 10 to 20 lakh rupees, 12 percent on vehicles above 20 lakh rupees.  Two percent additional duty will be charged on diesel vehicles.  On the other hand, electric vehicles will attract two percent less duty.

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