New twist in the case of OnePlus Nord 2 which exploded like a bomb, OnePlus issued notice to the user only

New Delhi
Recently the news of the explosion of OnePlus Nord 2 was revealed. A Delhi-based lawyer had tweeted saying that his OnePlus Nord 2 had suddenly caught fire. More than a week after the accident, the company called its claims outrageous. Along with this, a Seizure and Dist Notice has been sent to that person.
Let us tell you that on September 10, advocate Gaurav Gulati in Delhi had alleged that the OnePlus Nord 2 had about 90 percent battery and the phone was not even plugged into the charging plug. Suddenly the phone caught fire without doing anything. The company had at that time contacted the person and asked him for further testing of the device for which he had to submit the device. Gulati, however, said he would take the legal route. When he files an official complaint, he will hand over the device to the police.

OnePlus India has confirmed that the company has sent a cease and desist letter to Gulati. The company said, ‘We confirm that we have issued a notice to the person concerned. We will follow proper legal procedures to resolve the matter.
In the cease and desist letter, OnePlus claims that Gulati has refused to provide any proof of damages. Photos shared by him on Twitter show that some external force has been applied to the battery pole. Because Gulati did not accept the assistance given by the company and did not give the evidence to the company which he had sought. OnePlus says that any comments made were made without confirmation or proper inquiry. The letter not only asked Gulati to stop posting his statements, but also to delete the existing tweets and an unconditional written apology for his posts.
The letter sent by the company mentioned that Gulati’s claims were published by websites like ours. It has also asked users to contact the media publication and request them to issue a clarification statement. At the same time, OnePlus India has not issued any new statement yet. Earlier on September 10, the company said:

“Yesterday evening, a person told us about an alleged blast case for the OnePlus Nord 2 on Twitter and our team immediately reached out to that person to verify the validity of the claim. We take every such claim very seriously for the safety of users. However, analysis of the device, including a visit to the preemesis, has been done several times and despite several attempts to test it in the presence of the individual, they have not yet given us the opportunity to make a proper diagnosis. In such circumstances, it is impossible for us to verify its validity or to meet the demands made for compensation.’
Let us tell you that the incident with Gulati is not the first time when the OnePlus Nord 2 has caught fire due to such a defect. Two other cases of phone explosion or fire were reported earlier as well. Regarding one of these, the company claimed that it was a false report and it did not involve its device. Whereas, in the first case, the company had claimed that the blast was caused by external factors. There is no manufacturing or production fault in this.

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