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Municipal employees on mass leave, work stopped:

The employees are angry due to the lack of action from the government level on various demands including group insurance in all the bodies. Employees remained on mass leave in Doon Municipal Corporation on Monday. Due to this, locks remained hanging on various sections throughout the day. The work came to a complete standstill.

On Monday, the employees of the Municipal Corporation took a mass leave on the call of the Municipal Employees Union. Due to this, the work related to birth-death certificate, license, tax etc. has come to a standstill. The work of the Public Works and Taxes Section was also affected. People who arrived with important work had to return disappointed. The officers of various sections kept circling throughout the day due to the closure of the office. On the other hand, the employees union has warned to intensify the agitation if the demands are not heard.
Difficulties will increase if the cleaning workers go on leave

The employees union has sought the support of the Safai Karamcharis organizations to make this movement a success. If the sanitation workers fully cooperate, then the problems of the Municipal Corporation will increase. At present, along with fogging in the city, the responsibility of running a cleanliness drive in dengue and diarrhea affected areas is also on the Municipal Corporation.

Government called for talks, officials did not go

On receiving information about the collective leave of the municipal employees, the employees union was called from the government level for talks. But, the officials denied this. State President Nam Bahadur said that on Tuesday he would definitely go to hold talks with the officials. If their demands are not heard, they will not back down from the strike. He said that recently a memorandum was handed over to the CM Pushkar Dhami during the surprise inspection of the Municipal Corporation.
key demands

The amount deducted from the salary till 2014 should be paid soon.

Municipal employees should also get the benefit of the state government health scheme

There should be regular appointment of employees on vacant posts as per the approved structure.

Like state employees, salary should be paid through IFMS portal

The mandate of allowances should also be issued simultaneously for the employees.

A decision has to be taken from the government level on the demands of the civic employees federation. For this, talks are going to be held at the government level. We sincerely hope that this dialogue will be successful and the functioning of the Municipal Corporation will continue smoothly.

-Abhishek Ruhela, Municipal Commissioner- Doon Municipal Corporation

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