Municipal employees in Uttarakhand on one-day strike, work in the bodies stalled:

All the municipal employees of the state are on a one-day strike on Monday for the early release of pending payments of the municipal workers’ group insurance scheme since the year 2014 and other demands. Due to this, the functioning of all municipal corporations, municipalities and nagar panchayats has come to a standstill. The Urban Development Employees Federation has warned of a state-wide indefinite strike from September 20. During the indefinite strike, an announcement has also been made to stop the cleanliness system in the entire state.
After the lockdown in Dehradun Municipal Corporation, State President of Urban Development Employees Federation, Nam Bahadur and General Secretary Pradeep Kumar Verma said that since the year 2014, the pending bills of group insurance have not been paid to the employees. The promotion list of Revenue and Sanitation Inspector cadre was not even issued and the mandate to give house rent allowance at par with state employees has also not been issued. The federation has fulfilled these demands, including implementing the state government health scheme, giving opportunity to class IV employees for promotion in centralized service, giving salary of state employees through treasury, regular appointment on vacant posts in bodies. Demand has been made to give.
According to the federation, several correspondences have been made with the government regarding these demands, but their demands are being sidelined. Angered by this, the federation has decided to launch a massive agitation. During this, the Federation’s capital president Ved Prakash Bijalvan, Provincial Deputy General Secretary Chandraprakash Badoni, Navneet Gupta and Garhwal Mandal President Purushottam Dutt Joshi were present.
Phased agitation going on from September 6
Municipal employees have been conducting a phased agitation since September 6. In this, from September 6 to September 8, all the municipal employees worked with black tape, while from September 9 to 10, from 10 am to 11 am, gate meetings and picketing were performed in all the municipal bodies. On Monday i.e. September 13, the employees in all the municipal bodies are on a one-day collective leave. At the same time, from September 16 to September 18, there will be a gradual protest in all the municipal bodies. After this, from September 20, an indefinite strike will be started in all the municipal bodies.
Haridwar: Demonstration performed in Municipal Corporation

The civic employees’ federation demonstrated in the municipal corporation on Monday by taking a mass holiday for the demands of regularization, promotion etc. Staff leaders Akhilesh Kumar Sharma, Inder Singh Rawat, Adesh Yadav etc. said that the agitation would continue till the demands were not met. Inder Singh Rawat, general secretary of the Mahasangh Municipal Corporation branch, said that if the demands are not met, a gradual dharna will be held from September 16 to September 18. There will be a strike from September 20 on the provincial call. A large number of employees including Sudhakar Bhatt, Dev Singh, Praveen Kumar, Lalit Arora, Sonu, Mohan Singh Rawat, Kusum Lata, Ramavatar, Pooja were involved in the mass boycott.

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