Monsoon Skin Problems: Skin related problems increase in monsoon, solve the problem like this

After the summer sunshine, the ‘Sawan’ rains bring a sigh of relief to everyone.  However, during this season many types of diseases also start occurring.  Many people start having skin problems, such as skin eruptions, allergies, boils and many other skin related problems.  So today know about the problems that occur on the skin during monsoon and how to get rid of them.

1) Infection

Be it a boy or a girl in the rainy season, everyone is troubled by skin infection.  Although these problems are not life-threatening, they can become seriously troublesome if they are not treated.  Infection is caused by bacteria and fungus.  The best way to avoid this is to avoid sweating.  If you keep your body dry, then you can avoid these problems.

keep these things in mind
Use disinfectant when using public toilets.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day and hydrate the body.

Keep the skin hydrated, use moisturizer.If the allergy is severe, consult a doctor.

2) Hyperhydrosis/ excessive sweating

Excessive sweating in any part of the body is called hyperhydrosis.  If someone sweats excessively during the rainy season, then it can be bad.  In such a situation, the body smells bad and there is a risk of infection.  In such a situation, Botox injection is advised in the area where there is excessive sweating.  We all know that Botox is used to avoid the problem of wrinkles on the skin.  But few people know that it is also used to treat nerve and muscle related disorders.  Apart from this, cleanliness should also be taken care of.

3) Pigmentation
Hyperpigmentation means darkening of any area of the skin.  It’s quite common here.  This may be due to exposure to the sun.  The best way to avoid this is to avoid going out in the sun.  There are many types of medicines and therapies available for people who have to go out in the sun.  Do not ignore it and definitely treat it.

4) Allergies
Skin allergies are common during the rainy season, especially in places where pollution is high.  These allergies are usually more visible on the hands, feet, upper back.  There are many reasons behind these allergies.  Allergies caused by rain can be controlled and cured by antihistamines.

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