Mehak, Kiran, Shilpa, Suman, Aarti becomes Pencak Silat State Champion’s, won Gold Medals in 4th Pencak Silat Sub-Junior, Junior, Senior and Master State Championship.

Pencak Silat Association of Chandigarh Organize 4th Pencak Silat Sub Junior, Junior Senior and Master State Championship was held at Aanchal International School Sector 41 D Chandigarh

Following are the Final Results of Pencak Silat State Championship

Senior Girl’s Results

Weight Category (40-45 kg)
Mehak (Gold)
Aadhya (Silver)
Anureet (Bronze)

Weight Category (45-50kg)
Kiran (Gold)
Radha (Silver)
Aarti (Bronze)

Weight Category (60-65kg)
Shilpa (Gold)
Ashiya (Silver)
Rekha (Bronze)

Weight Catagory (70-75kg)
Suman (Gold)
Bimalpreet Kaur (Silver)
Garima (Bronze)

Weight Catagory (85-100kg)
Aarti (Gold)
Abhiraj (Silver)
Reena (Bronze)

Seniors Boy’s Result

Weight Catagory (55-60kg)
Gurinder Singh (Gold)
Abhishek Pandey (Silver)
Akshay (Bronze)

Weight Catagory (50-55 kg)
Ashish (Gold)
Rahul (Silver)
Amit Kumar (Bronze)

Weight Category (60-65 kg)
Shiv shankar (Gold)
Raghav (Silver)
Ramandeep (Bronze)

Weight Catagory (65-70 kg)
Gama (Gold)
Rohit Thakur (Silver)
Himanshu (Bronze)

Junior Boy’s Result

Weight Category (43-47 kg)
Vasudev (Gold)
Rohit (Silver)
Dinesh Kumar (Bronze)

Weight Catagory (47 to 51kg)
Mohit Kumar (Gold)
Arjun (Silver)
Rahul Rana (Bronze)

Weight Catagory (51 to 55kg)
Angad (Gold)
Aniket (Silver)
Rinku (Bronze)

Weight Category (59 to 63 kg)
Pawanpreet Singh (Gold)
Pawan thakur (Silver)
Rajesh (Bronze)

Weight Catagory (83 to 100kg)
Manraj Singh (Gold)
Gurinder Singh (Silver)
Ajay Gupta (Bronze)

Junior Girl’s Result

Weight Category (39 to 43kg)
Komal (Gold)
Sonia (Silver)
Aanjali (Bronze)

Weight Catagory (43 to 47kg)
Reema (Gold)
Anuradha (Silver)
Manisha (Bronze)

Weight Catagory (47-51kg)
Indu (Gold)
Sukhreet (Silver)
Mamta (Bronze)

Weight Category (59-63kg)
Disha (Gold)
Kashish (Silver)
Reena (Bronze)

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