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Jogiwala-Mussoorie Road: 2200 trees will be offered to Jogiwala-Mussoorie road, there is already a protest against environmental aspects:

The widening of the road from Jogiwala to Mussoorie is proposed. In such a situation, 2200 trees can be climbed due to smooth traffic. To avoid city jam, there is a plan to take the passengers from Jogiwala to Mussoorie via Kulhan. However, there has already been opposition from the environmental aspects in this.

According to the Public Works Department, the project has been approved by the Center and a total amount of Rs 77 crore has been approved from the Central Road Fund. Here the route is to be developed into four-lane. In which the width of the road will be minimum 10 meters to 14 meters. However, there is still time to tender the project. But the trees coming in JD have been counted. Divisional Forest Officer Mussoorie Kahkashan Naseem told that he was only offered to count the trees.
To reach Mussoorie, about 14 km long two-lane road from Jogiwala to Kulhan is to be widened. For this, about 2200 trees have been identified in Mussoorie and Dehradun Forest Division. This route will be found on the Ladpur to Kulhan to Mussoorie road via Jogiwala to Ring Road. There are thousands of eucalyptus, mango and peepal trees on this route, some of which are coming under widening. The objective of this project is to send tourists coming from other states including Delhi directly to Mussoorie without entering Dehradun city. So that the city can get rid of the jam. Especially in the tourist season, both the city and the tourists are expected to get relief. As of now no permission has been given to cut trees under the project.
However, environmental lovers have started protesting against it. Environmentalist Dr. Aanchal Sharma, a member of The Earth and Climate Initiative organization, said that the Jogiwala-Mussoorie road widening is being opposed to cutting trees. The campaign is being run through internet media. Along with this, signature campaign and rally are also proposed. Dr. Aanchal Sharma is also opposing Jolly Grant airport widening and cutting of trees in the name of Research College in Balawala.

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