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Jaish-e-Mohammad and Taliban’s meeting about J&K!

In the ongoing return of the Taliban, the world’s jihadists found new support in them for their disastrous agendas. It boosted their egos. Leaders of Pakistan-based Jihadist group Jaish-e-Mohammad are the new addition in them.  Reportedly, they met Taliban leaders in Kandahar last week. The agenda behind their meeting is to seek the Taliban’s support in their “India-centric operations”.

Quoting senior officials of the intelligence agencies news agency ANI reported that lately.

After their disturbing report, Jammu and Kashmir have been put on an alert as the intelligence agencies are now anticipating the movement of terrorists from across the border.

According to ANI, the matter of Pakistan is also discussed in this meeting.

Quoting the official ANI wrote, “We have ordered intelligence agencies to keep watch on social media. On August 24, we received input regarding the movement of two terrorists from Pakistan who are planning a grenade attack in Srinagar. All agencies concerned have been alerted for coordination. All states have been alerted to conduct security drills and keep anti-terror units on high alert.”

After the Taliban’s last statement about Pakistan being their home is enough to hype the stress intelligence bureau on security matters. In this situation, this meeting has kept everyone on high alert.

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