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Home minister’s appeal to the CM’s to end give priority to end Maoist threat

Over the past decade both the violence levels and geographical spread of Left-wing extremism (LWE) in the country, the number of affected districts identified under the security-related expenditure (SRE) scheme came down to 70 in July 2021 from 126 in April 2018. Even the most affected districts declined to 25 in July 2021 from 35 before April 2018.

But in the latest reports, A few new areas, however, have been identified as potential locations for the emergence of Maoism. Eight districts have been categorized as ‘districts of concern’.

Comprehending the concern of the matter the home minister called a meeting with the CMs of 10 States or their nominees.

Addressing the chief ministers, Shah said,” there has been a lot of success due to joint efforts of the Centre and states in cracking down on Left-wing extremism. He said that while the incidents of Left Wing Extremism were down by 23%, the number of deaths had reduced by 21%.”
He also stated that after decades of fighting Maoists, a point has been reached where the annual death toll is less than 200 for the first time.

As per his words, “The fight against the LWE menace is now in a crucial stage and the Government is optimistic of reducing the menace to an insignificant level at the earliest. The fight against the problem had reached its end and it needs to be accelerated and made decisive.
The home minister urged that to get rid of the problem of Left Wing Extremism completely, the full development of the country and the states affected by it needs to be ensured. So, instead of being satisfied with what we have achieved so far, we need to increase speed to get what is left.

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