Good News for PUBG Fans! New PUBG game will be launched in India soon, if you want to play then register like this

PUBG’s new game PUBG New State is launching in India as Krafton has announced that the game is ready for pre-registration in the country.  PUBG New State in India is now available for Android and iOS users for pre-registration.  The PUBG New State release date in India is yet to be revealed, but you can expect the game to launch soon as the pre-registrations have opened.

How to Pre-Register for PUBG New State in India

The process of pre-registration of PUBG New State in India is quite simple. -Android users can download this game by clicking on this link:-

– iOS users can click on the link: The game will be available to download once it is officially launched.

What’s special in PUBG New State
PUBG New State is a new battle royale game from the craft, which is inspired by PUBG Mobile.  This game is based on the year 2051 and 100 players can take part in the battle simultaneously.  This battle will go on till one team wins.  It will get ultra-realistic graphics and dynamic gun play.  Drones, combat roles and many new weapons are seen in the game.  Players who pre-register will get limited vehicle skin along with exclusive benefits.

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