Dehradun Uttarakhand

Fraudsters grab Rs 1.20 crore from retired deputy director of ONGC in Dehradun:

Fraudsters blackmailed retired deputy director from ONGC and grabbed Rs.20 lakh. The accused have cheated sometimes in the name of business, sometimes in the name of woman and sometimes on the pretext of illness. Premnagar police station has registered a case against four others including a woman.

According to SO Premnagar Dhanraj Bisht, it is the office of Ashish Kumar, retired from ONGC. During this, he developed a good friendship with Sushil Chhabra, who ran the mobile shop. Later he came to know that the accused had put an app on his mobile through which he used to track him. In February 2019, Sushil asked the old man to start a new business and took 11 lakh rupees.
After this, Sushil Chhabra got the elderly to meet his cousin Delhi resident Rakesh Chhabra in May 2019. The accused said that Rakesh has a restaurant named Bombay Chowpatty in Dehradun. Rakesh is also a property dealer in Delhi, who will easily sell the land of the elderly. In the month of July, Rakesh Chhabra talked about selling the land. The accused bluffed the old man that he would sell his land for Rs one crore 30 lakh and would buy an office in Delhi for Rs 40 lakh. The accused got a fake agreement made in the name of a woman and grabbed Rs 40 lakh.
Police started investigation by registering a case

The SO said that in this way, the accused cheated one crore 20 lakh rupees from the elderly in the whole episode. SO said that a case has been registered against the accused Sushil Chhabra, resident of Dehradun, Rakesh Chhabra, resident of Uttamnagar, Delhi and wife of Rajbir and Rakesh Chhabra.

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