Dehradun Uttarakhand

Forest department to set up eco club in 100 schools:

Apart from the capital, eco clubs will be set up in selected 100 schools in the countryside. In order to make the climate of the capital more secure, eco parks as well as nagarvans will be prepared in different areas. Along with this, rivers and reservoirs like Rispana, Bindal will also be renovated. All these works will be done under the Dehradun Capital City Region Project. Its detailed draft has been prepared by the department.

In the presence of Chief Conservator of Forests Rajiv Bharatari, Divisional Forest Officer of Dehradun Forest Division Rajiv Dhiman and Divisional Forest Officer of Mussoorie Forest Division Kahkashan Naseem gave information about the project through presentation. Principal Conservator of Forests Rajeev Bharatari informed that the three-year Dehradun Capital City Region Project has been prepared by the Forest Department. Under the ambitious project, intensive plantation will be done in those areas of the capital where the number of trees is less. Along with this, nurseries will also be set up in different areas. So that, along with the department, more and more saplings can be provided to the general public.
Under the project, cycle tracks and bird watching centers will be constructed in different areas of the capital. A detailed map has also been prepared for which schemes will be implemented on the ground. The help of WWF, Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority, Municipal Corporation and many other departments will be taken to take the proposed ambitious plan on the ground. Several officials including APCCF Sameer Sinha, Chief Conservator of Forests Sushant Patnaik, Conservator of Forests (Shivalikvrut) Akhilesh Tiwari, Conservator of Forests (Yamunavrut) Amit Verma were present in the meeting.

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