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Five students of 2019 batch of Doon Medical College expelled from hostel, students sitting on dharna:

Five students of the 2019 batch of the medical college have been expelled from the hostel. The college management has cited indiscipline as the reason for the expulsion. Against which the students sat on a dharna outside the administrative building on Sunday morning. He has warned of a hunger strike if the expulsion is not canceled.

The college management on Saturday issued a letter of expulsion of five students on charges of tarnishing the image of the college, dharna without permission, indecency with security personnel and forcing junior students to join the agitation. In protest, other students sat on dharna. He said that the college management is doing dictatorship. Their ongoing agitation demanding reduction in fees is being weakened by making all the excuses.
Unnecessary action has been taken against the expelled students. He says that no student was pressured to agitate. Reducing fees is everyone’s issue. Everyone is agitating of their own free will.
On the other hand, the officials reached the protest site and explained to the students. He said that the students have met the Chief Minister and the Health Minister and put forth their demands in front of them. The Health Minister has assured him that the matter will be brought to the cabinet. After studying the fees of other states, appropriate decision will be taken in the interest of the students. In such a situation, instead of protesting, students should now focus on studies. He assured to cancel the eviction after talking to the principal and calling his relatives. After which the students adjourned the dharna till Monday. At the same time, a letter signed by the students of 2019 and 2020 batch has also been handed over to the college management. In which it has been said that the college management was informed about the movement from time to time. No one is forcibly joining the movement.
Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, (Principal, Doon Medical College) said that despite several notices, there is continuous indiscipline. Pressure is being created on junior students, which is not fair. Five students were expelled from the hostel only after the committee’s inquiry. The fee issue is not at the college level. The atmosphere in the college campus is getting worse due to the protests.

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