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Dr. Arjumand Zaidi a veteran social worker, environmentalist, an educationist and a global Human Rights and peace activist. In the last 20 years, Dr. Zaidi has received a number of National and International accolades that have decorated her journey of educating the youth and encouraging them to take part in the dialogue and action surrounding the global conversation of peace and human rights. One such special International prize is the Canadian Public Peace Prize 2020-21 which is awarded to her for her efforts in being an International Leader in youth education and in promoting peace and tolerance. Since its conception in 1983, the Public Peace Prize selects peacemakers from all around the world and highlights their work with this decorated prestigious prize. It raises awareness among citizens around the world about social justice and peace via these awardees. The esteemed Public Peace Prize is an expression of support and encouragement for these peacemakers of the world, Dr. Zaidi being one such pillar, as a builder of sustainable peace all around the globe!

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