Dehradun Uttarakhand

Devotees going to visit Mata Vaishno Devi will be at ease, super deluxe Volvo bus service starts from Dehradun:

The operation of super deluxe Volvo bus service has started from Monday evening for the devotees going to and around Doon for the darshan of Mata Vaishno Devi. Due to the second wave of Corona, the operation of this bus was stopped in March. In this situation, at present, the only direct transport service from Uttarakhand to Katra was the Hemkunth Express operated from Rishikesh. Since this train runs from Rishikesh, devotees in and around Doon had to go to Rishikesh, Haridwar or Saharanpur to catch the train. Now with the start of direct bus service, the devotees of Premnagar, Selakui, Vikasnagar etc. including Doon will get relief. The bus fare for Katra is Rs 1712 and for Jammu Rs 1549.
Interstate bus operations started from July due to the slowing down of the second wave of Corona. From April to June, the wheel of buses stopped. Initially ordinary bus services were operated. Super deluxe Volvo buses were started operating on the Delhi route from July 15. Meanwhile, on the demand of passengers, the operation of Volvo bus for Gurugram and Haldwani has also been started. From Monday, roadways also started Volvo service for Katra. This bus will regularly operate from Doon ISBT at 6 pm. Will return to Doon from Katra only at 6 pm.
Volvo for Delhi at 6 am

Volvo bus will no longer be available from Doon to Delhi at 5 am. In view of the shortage of passengers, the roadways management has now made the first valve from Doon at six in the morning. A total of 14 valves have been operated for Delhi. These include after six in the morning, eight in the morning, nine in the morning, 11 in the morning, 12 in the afternoon, one in the afternoon, three in the afternoon, four in the evening, five in the evening, six in the evening, eight in the night, nine in the night, 11 pm, 11:30 pm and 12 pm. Two buses were operating for Gurugram at 10 am and 10 pm. Both these buses will go via ISBT Delhi.
AC and Janrath Bus for Delhi

Now AC Janrath bus service has been started for Delhi instead of Volvo at 5 in the morning. AC bus at 6.30 am, Janrath at 7.30 am, Janrath at 8.30 am, Janrath at 11.30 am, AC at 12.30 pm, AC at 2.30 pm, Janrath at 3 pm, Gurugram Janrath service at 9 pm, night 10 Janrath at 10.30 pm and AC bus will run at 10.30 pm.
Volvo started for Chandigarh too
Along with Katra, roadways have also started Volvo for Chandigarh. This bus will operate daily from Doon at 12.30 pm. For Haldwani also a Volvo bus service is being operated at 11 pm while an AC bus is being operated at 10 pm. Online ticket booking service is being provided in all buses. At the same time, for Jaipur, AC sleeper is being run at 7 pm while for Lucknow, Janrath service is being run at 5 pm.

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