Dehradun Uttarakhand

Dehradun: When the captain came out on a horse late at night, people caught sight without a mask.

Dehradun’s new captain Janmejay Khanduri went out on the road on Friday night on a horse. SSP Janmejay Khanduri went out on horseback late night to see the security arrangements and promptness of police personnel in the city. During this, he found some people roaming without masks near the clock tower. During this, the SSP asked them to hold their ears and gave strict instructions to wear masks and not roam on the road unnecessarily. While patrolling, he went till the Mussoorie diversion. Where SI Aarti Kaluda, who was on duty, was checking the vehicles by stopping them. During this, she was also cutting the challan. The captain encouraged them by congratulating them. Let us inform that the new SSP of Dehradun, Janmejay Prabhakar Kailash Khanduri had counted his priorities along with taking charge. He had said that even though Dehradun is the capital, the police here will not work under anyone’s pressure. Victims will be heard at all times. A separate officer will be appointed for the night also.

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