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Dehradun Roads: Welcome to the Red Bridge and Kargi Hichkola Marg of Dehradun:

Most of the roads of Doon are in bad condition these days. Somewhere the potholes and the uprooted tiles are giving pain to the vehicle riders. On the Lal Pul-Kargi Chowk road, the situation remains very bad. The problem of jam is common on the narrow road, but the vehicular riders are also forced to hitchhike in the potholes. There are dozens of potholes on this 2.4 km long road. Those on whom patchwork is being done to apply ointment, but it does not last more than two days. Due to non-construction of drains, rain water also stagnates on the roads.

The Lal Pul-Kargi road has now become one of the busiest routes in the city. There is a lot of pressure of vehicles here in the morning and evening. Often vehicles are found crawling here. The reason is that there is neither footpath nor the width of the road according to the pressure of the vehicles. The road is crumbling at a distance of four steps from the top.
Attempts were made to repair the road by laying tiles at some places, but the tiles were also uprooted and the road has become dangerous for two wheelers. At the same time, the appearance of the patchwork done with asphalt has also deteriorated due to rain. From near Palm City to Narayan Vihar, the work of electricity and sewer lines is also going on. Not only this, the power poles standing haphazardly on the side of the road are also becoming a hindrance in the movement. In front of the eyes of the system, the entire road remains a pattern of deplorable condition.
No need to repair, preparation for widening

The Public Works Department is not able to pay attention to the repair of Lal Pul-Kargi road, but now preparations are being made to widen this road. It is expected that after the widening, the journey on this route will be smooth. However, right now this preparation is stuck in the slowness of the system.

A proposal of about nine crore rupees for widening was sent by the PWD construction block to the government about one and a half years ago. Since then, the LNV officials have been waiting for the approval of the proposal and the number of potholes on the road is increasing year after year. Seeing that the one-time approval of Rs 9 crore was not possible, the higher officials decided that the widening of Kargi Road would be done phase wise. In the first phase, it was decided to shift the electric poles and drinking water lines. The PWD construction block has prepared a proposal of more than one crore rupees for shifting.

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