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Dehradun International Film Festival: Audience should also identify good and bad cinema – Actor Akhilendra Mishra

These days the three-day Doon International Film Festival is being organized in Doon, the capital of Uttarakhand. Actor Akhilendra Mishra had reached Dehradun to attend this program itself. Cinema has a very deep impact on the society. So don’t serve anything to earn money. The kind of content that is being served openly at this time also reflects our personality. Don’t change the definition of entertainment. Those who do not know the intricacy of literature, words and language, they also remain writers, making films. So an actor has to understand the social responsibility and the audience also has to recognize the good and bad cinema.

Many films left the mark of his acting in the hearts of people.
Actor Akhilendra Mishra, who is rich in his thumping voice, in a conversation with Amar Ujala, drew the attention of actors, writers and filmmakers towards social responsibility. Akhilendra Singh, who played the character of Kroor Singh in the serial Chandrakanta aired on Doordarshan in the 90s, made a mark in the hearts of people with films including Lagaan, Do Dooni Chaar, Jhalki, Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge, Gangaajal, Veer Zara. .

The characters played by him are still in the hearts of people. Akhilendra Mishra considers himself a person associated with literature and culture. This is the reason that even from various forums, he calls people to stay connected with their culture, civilization. He expressed his concern over the changing content in cinema during his long journey in the industry.
In a conversation with Amar Ujala on Saturday at a hotel on Haridwar Road, actor Akhilendra Mishra said that an artist is a creator, but what is being created now is destroying. Now it is very important for an actor to identify good and bad cinema. Also, parents have to explain this difference to their children. What we see, we will also behave. It is in a way the food that we are taking.

So what should we eat and what should not. This is what we have to think. This is important to understand especially for today’s generation. I believe that acting is a spiritual practice. So the actor also has to understand which one he should choose.

There is no need for abuses in the dialogue… the offer was rejected by saying
Akhilendra Mishra had turned down the offer by saying that there is no need for abuses in the dialogues. He told that I got an offer to work in a project. In the character I was being asked to play, my dialogues had to be abused. I got very angry on hearing this. I refused to do this. I don’t think the audience demands abuses, but by force we are encouraging wrong things. I am an actor and I have a social responsibility not to promote these things and I do not like to work with such people.

Lots of subjects to make movies
Study is necessary before teaching and if we study then there are many subjects in our country which can be shown on screen. According to Akhilendra Mishra, there is no dearth of subjects, but the election itself is getting worse.
Seeing the beauty here, the mind stopped here
Akhilendra Mishra, feeling blissful after coming to Devbhoomi, saluted Baba Kedarnath by reciting the lines of Shiv Tandav. Akhilendra says that I come out of the room again and again, sometimes by opening the window and see the beauty of this place. Mumbai is not lucky to see such clear weather. Seeing the beauty here, the mind has stopped here.

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