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Dehradun Film Festival: ‘Chintu Ka Birthday’ celebrated in Iraq, there was a lot of applause in Dehradun:

The Dehradun International Film Festival began on Friday. Bollywood actor Vinay Pathak’s film Chintu Ka Birthday was screened on the first day of the film festival. Shot in a house in Iraq, the movie celebrating the birthday of Madan Tiwari’s (Vinay Pathak) son Chintu (Vedanta Chhibber) is a treat to the people of Doon. Seeing the performance of the characters of the film, the audience applauded a lot.
Nine short films were screened on the first day of the three-day film festival. Actor Vinay Pathak says he is constantly working to promote children’s literature in films. The message can be conveyed to people of all ages from the big screen through children’s literature.

The danger is not averted yet amidst the rapidly decreasing cases of Corona
Talking about his upcoming films, he said that four films are ready. They will be released soon in cinemas across the country after the situation returns to normal from Corona. He said that the danger is not averted yet amid the rapidly decreasing cases of corona. In such a situation, wearing a mask and following the rules of social distance with embroidery.

Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama, who arrived as the chief guest, said that there is no dearth of artists in Uttarakhand. Dehradun International Film Festival is providing the platform to all those artists to showcase their talent. Every sector has suffered due to the long lockdown. We have to cooperate with the government and administration to deal with Corona soon. The main organizer of the festival Rajesh Sharma was also present on this occasion.
OTT keeps the audience connected to the cinema
Bollywood actor Vinay Pathak said that the OTT platform kept people connected to cinema during the difficult times of Corona. If there was no OTT, people would have forgotten about films and cinema by now. The audience watched the cinema as per their choice and entertained the family during the time of crisis. Change over time is necessary and important. OTT is the result of that change. Which the audience has given a lot of love.
Question Answer
Question: How difficult was it to play the character of Madan Tiwari in the film Chintu Ka Birthday: Rama Goyal
Answer: Nothing is difficult or easy. I read the story of the film several times to play Madan Tiwari. It becomes very easy to understand the character while reading the story.

Question: Vulgar scene shown in today’s films has a bad effect on children, what do you think about this: Naresh Bohra
Answer: It would be better if you do not watch the movies which have a bad effect on you or your children. Movies are made only on the demand of the public. It is up to the audience to decide what to watch and what not.

Question: How much benefit will the young artistes and the city get from the film festival: Hari Om Sharma
Answer: A film festival is an occasion to celebrate the enthusiasm by giving a platform to the talent. This type of film festival benefits all the artists and the city gets recognition along with the artists.
Young filmmakers were stunned when they got stage and praise
As soon as Hunar got the stage and got applause from the audience, the faces of the young filmmakers of the city blossomed. The occasion was the sixth Doon International Film Festival. Excited to show their films to the audience on the big screen, young filmmakers stressed the need for such a platform to encourage local talent.
On Friday, the audience enjoyed many films at the Doon International Film Festival held in Silver City, Rajpur Road. The young filmmaker was very happy to see the interest of Doonites in his films. The crowd that gathered to watch the film encouraged the young producers.

Shruti Kaul and Naveen, who directed the film ‘Right and Wrong’ and Gopal 56, which were shown at the festival, told that they had applied to show their films in the film festival before, but this time their films will be shown in the film festival. The place was found. Pandavaj Creation, Nishant Mishra, Rachna Joshi collaborated in the film ‘Right and Wrong’. Gaurav Goyal got special support in Gopal 56. The film ‘Right and Wrong’ made in 2018 is based on Ek Ladki Sapno Ko. Gopal 56 is the story of a father’s struggle.

Watching your film on the big screen is like a dream come true for me. I am very happy. Such a platform is needed by the youth, who want to showcase their work. It is very important to get a platform especially for local talent. Today we have got a new energy. We are inspired to do better work after getting feedback from people.
-Shruti Kaul, film producer

The culture of such an event has started in Dehradun, which is a matter of happiness for the youth like us. So many producers work very hard to get their film released on the big screen and our film got selected. This is a big achievement for us. This is a good initiative for the budding youth in this field.

Naveen Joshi, filmmaker
I had a lot of fun Ever since I came to know that the film festival is going to be held. Since then I was very curious. My friends and I had reached here early in the morning. We got to see good and different movies.
-Manoj, GMS Road

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