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Dehradun: Elephant ran on the runway breaking the boundary of Jolly Grant airport, created a stir:

Late night at Dehradun Jolly Grant airport, an elephant broke through the boundary wall and came inside. There was a stir when an elephant came inside the airport. Forest department team also reached the spot. After much effort, the elephant came out of the damaged boundary wall and returned to the forest.

The elephant came from the forest and broke the airport boundary and entered the airport.
An elephant broke into the Jolly Grant airport late at around two o’clock in the night. At the airport, the elephant was noticed by the security personnel inside and immediately informed the forest department. As soon as the information was received, the departmental team reached the spot. In the meantime, the forest department team reached and started driving the elephant. Gagandeep, Deputy Ranger of Thano Range, said that the elephant came from the forest side and broke the boundary wall of the airport and entered the airport.

Was walking around the runway. Significantly, Jolly Grant Airport is near the boundaries of Thano and Barkot Forest Range. Sometimes wild animals enter the airport. A few months ago a guldar had also entered. The Deputy Ranger was told that after being chased, the elephant had entered inside by breaking the boundary wall. On the same way the elephant returned to the forest at 4.30 in the morning. Due to which the forest department heaved a sigh of relief.
boundary wall was also damaged
At the same time, Rajesh Bhatt, the municipal councilor of Jollygrant, told that the elephant had come to the population. The elephant also damaged the boundary wall of Rajpal Pundir. Told that messages were sent to the people doing morning walk to stay in their homes.

When the elephant entered the airport by breaking the boundary wall, the departmental team chased it out. Arrangements are being made for additional patrolling in the forest areas around the airport. Efforts have been started to arrange energy fence on the forest boundaries around the airport.
NL Doval, Forest Officer, Thano Range

Barasingha entered the parking lot of Tanishq showroom
At the same time, a reindeer entered the parking lot of Tanishq showroom on Nainital Road in Haldwani. The information was given to the Forest Department. After a lot of effort, the forest personnel tranquilized the barasingha and left it in the forest.

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