Dehradun Uttarakhand

Dehradun Dengue Update: Dengue confirmed in three persons including woman, 27 people have been affected so far:

New cases of dengue are being received continuously for the last three days in the capital Doon and surrounding areas. The health department is also affected by this. Dengue has been confirmed in three more persons on Friday. Among them, a 33-year-old woman is a resident of Vasant Vihar. Apart from this, dengue has also been confirmed in a 23-year-old youth resident of Indiranagar and 33-year-old resident of Alaknanda Enclave GMS Road. All three are in normal health. So far, 27 cases of dengue have been found in the district.

While there is concern among the general public due to the increasing havoc of dengue, the challenge of the health department is also increasing. Along with Corona, the dual challenge of overcoming dengue remains in front of the department.
Anyway, the current mood of the weather is considered favorable for the mosquito that spreads dengue disease. However, departmental officials are claiming that with the cooperation of the Municipal Corporation, continuous spraying and fogging of medicines is being done across the city.
Fogging is being done on a large scale in the areas where dengue cases are being found. Nearby people are also being made aware to maintain cleanliness and prevent dengue. An appeal is also being made to the general public that they should not allow water to accumulate in empty utensils in their house and surrounding area. The Aedes mosquito, which spreads dengue, breeds only in stagnant clean water.
Agreement between PSI and State Government
A contract has been signed between the state government and Population Services International (PSI) to improve urban health services in the state. In the presence of Health Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat and Health Secretary Amit Negi in the program organized at the Secretariat on Friday, NHM Mission Director Sonika and PSI Principal Advisor Dr. Rakesh Kumar signed the contract. According to this agreement, PSI will provide technical support for the urban health scheme run by NHM.
Under this, making a strategy for the strengthening of the health system, improving the quality of health data, strengthening the health management information system and evaluation system, assessing the gap or gap in the implementation of national programs, implementation of innovative works at the pilot level, IEC strategy Development of communication material, documentation of excellent work being done in the health system, research and training work, effective coordination between private and government organizations in the field of health, etc. are the major tasks.
In addition, PSI will also work towards public-private partnership opportunities for health financing and availability of logistics and supply chain management services for primary health care. Speaking on the occasion, the Health Minister said that PSI is an experienced and reputed international organization in the health sector. The health services of the state can be made more effective with the technical support and advice provided by the institution.

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